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Educational activities

The CINP Education Committee is organizing various activities throughout the year all over the world and in collaboration with other regional or national societies to share cutting-edge neuroscientist knowledge with local doctors and young scientists.

CINP Education Committee (2018-2020)

Chair: Joseph Zohar, Israel

  • Dan Rujescu, Germany
  • Elias Eriksson, Sweden
  • Feyza Aricioglu, Turkey
  • Gabriella Gobbi, Canada
  • George Papakostas, USA
  • Helena Calil, Brazil
  • Hiroyuki Uchida, Japan
  • Jari Tihonen, Finland
  • Jorge Ospina, Columbia
  • Jos Prickaerts, The Netherlands
  • Katharina Domschke, Germany
  • Kostas Fountoulakis, Greece
  • Pierre Blier, Canada
  • Ryota Hashimoto, Japan
  • Samia Joca, Brazil
  • Svetlana Ivanova, Russia
  • Young-Chul Chung, Korea

Below you can find an overview of past educational events.

Mental Health Research Methodology Workshop (February 17-19, 2020 - Ibadan, Nigeria)

Another educational activity took place in February 2020,  when CINP (together with LINF) initiated and sponsored the 'Mental Health Research Methodology Workshop'.
The workshop included 39 participants from all over Nigeria and included four experts; Prof. Oye Gureje from Ibadan, Nigeria (who also hosted the meeting), Prof. Adesola Ogunniyi (University of Ibadan), Prof. Soraya Seedat (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) and Prof. Joseph Zohar (Chair of CINP Education Committee). The three-day interactive workshop included 7 talks, 5 group works and 3 general assembly.
The overall response from the participants was extremely positive and the contribution of CINP to initiation, support and conducting this workshop was highly appreciated.

CINP is planning to continue initiating further educational activities in Africa next year as well.

Interactive Seminar (November 2-4, 2019 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

In collaboration with IBM (Institute of Brain Medicine) and support from Lundbeck Hong-Kong, the CINP Education Committee organized a three-day interactive seminar for psychiatrists, G.P with specific interest and expertise in psychiatry disorders as well as some pre-clinical researchers.

More than 50 participants were separated into three groups and conducted very fruitful and enlightening discussion after each table of the three faculty members, Pierre Blier (CINP President-Elect), Siu Wa Tang (IBM chair and the local organizer of 2010 CINP World Congress in Hong Kong) and Joseph Zohar (CINP Vice President & Chair of CINP Educational Committee).

The participants extremely appreciated the organization of this seminar by CINP and IBM, and thanked the speakers for coming despite the unrest situation in Hong-Kong.

Plenary Lecture - CINP meets AfCNP (July 26-27, 2019 - Eldoret, Kenya)

CINP being the international CNP seeks to deeper and strengthen the collaboration with other regional, continental and international colleges.
Therefore, CINP participated at the 5th AfCNP (African College of Neuropsychopharmacology) congress which took place on 25-27 July in Eldoret, Kenya.

The title of the plenary lecture carried out by CINP Vice-President Prof. Joseph Zohar and chair of education committee was “CINP meet AfCNP” and introduced NbN (Neuroscience based Nomenclature) to the participants in this meeting.

This initiative which also offer a free apps (NbN—2R and NbN-CA) is especially useful in places like Africa as it offers cutting-edge, frequently updated, scientific based sophisticated tool free of charge

For places with a high usage of smart phones but a lack of resources, this app can be a particular useful clinical tool and can be used by psychiatrists, but also other mental health professions.

The feedback from the audience was excellent and they thank CINP for participating in their meeting. It was also acknowledged that the plenary focus on using technology to enhance scientific knowledge and precise informed prescribing and doing it in way that it provides, free of charge, easily accessible tool.

Educative Course in Psychiatry (June 14-16, 2019 - Kolkata, India)

In collaboration with Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., CINP organized an educational course for 250 psychiatrists from the Bangalore area in Kolkata, India on June 14th-16th, 2019.

The subjects in this meeting were schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar, treatment-resistant depression, OCD and PTSD.

The speakers of the course included:

  • Vice President and Education Committee Chair, who also initiated this collaboration, Prof. Joseph Zohar, Israel
  • CINP President Prof. Siegfried Kasper, Austria
  • Former CINP President Prof. Hans-Juergen Moeller, Germany
  • Prof. István Bitter, Hungary
  • Prof. Flávio Kapczinski, Canada.
The focus on this seminar was on interaction with the participants, which was ensured during the three-day course with 8 interactive talks, 6 workshops, and 3 assembly meetings. 

After this very successful meeting which was highly appreciated by all participants, the CINP Education Committee plans to continue such meetings in the future.
Future activities of the committee include a CINP talk at the upcoming congress of the African college of Neuropharmacology (AfCNP) in Kenya (July 2019), and a seminar for young psychiatrists in collaboration with Edith Serfaty in Argentina (November 2019). 

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